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Water Pillow

Looking for a soft and comfortable pillowcase? look no further than the 1800 pillow case set standard or king ultra soft pillowcase set of 2 pillowcases. These cases have a variety of features to make your sleep better than ever. Plus, the cases are available in 2 sizes for any bed size.

Case Set Standard Or King Ultra Soft Pillowcase Set Of 2 Pillowcases

1800 Pillow Case Set Standard

By Nestl Bedding


Core Products Tri-Core Water Filled Cervical Neck Spine Support Pillow
Core Products Cervitrac Fiber Pillow- Helps Relieve Spasms & Neck Tension
By Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow - Jumbo Size
20x28 W Extra Supportive Fiber Fill

Luxurious Queen Size Water Pillow

By Does not apply


20x28 W Extra Supportive Fiber Fill. Adjustabl
- Best Cool Pillow For Side Sleepers And Summer Night Sweats

The Coldest Pillow - Best

By The Coldest Water


S Set Of 2 Luxury Bed Pillows Queen Size
Memory Foam With Waterbase Technology - Improve Sleep Quality.
By Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow - The First And Original

The Water Pillow by Mediflow

By Not Applicable


Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in my chair with my pillow in my hand, when I felt something inside my pocket. It was the waterbase pillow I had been looking for so long. I gently took it from the place where I had been holding it and sat it in my hand. The sensation of the waterbase pillow against my skin was strange but comfortable. I set it down on the floor and started to sleep, feeling like I had a new pillow. the next morning, I woke up and took the waterbase pillow with me to the office. I would definitely be using it again and again for sure!

Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

This mediflow pillow is a soft, natural water base pillow that fulfilling your sleep needs. Its chillow cooling technology alpha+ helps to soothe and relax the sleep cycle. The cot hermann style design with its simple controls and easy to use function makes it easy to get started. thismediflow pillow is a cool and refreshing pillow, perfect for those hot summer days or chilling out on a hot bed. This inserted pillow has a chillow cooling system that cools down andhypnotics your mind during sleep, making your sleep even deeper. Thecpu intensive design with soft and soft feel is sure to soothe. the mediflow fiber the first water pillow is a clinically-proven way to reduce your sleep debt. This pillow is part of a line of products that have been clinically proven to reduce your sleep’s 54-68% sleep time deduction. It doesn’t matter if you’re sleep-deprived or not-the mediflow fiber the first will help! This pillow is made of 100% canvas and is made of machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant fabric. It comes in different colors and there is a team of experts who have obtained safety and satisfaction tips for it. the medi pillow is a must-have for any cool africana home. This soft, cozy pillow was created with the user in mind. With its cool soothing cooling technology, this pillow will help soothe a restive mind.